“4” ways understanding your personality type will transform your life !


Understanding your personality and natural preferences, and those of the people you love and work with, makes the quality of your life a lot better!

Your personality type is never an excuse, but it is an incredible tool for understanding why some things are tough for you and how to get through them.  By understanding your type, you will understand why you and others act and think the way you do, you will become more compassionate and tolerant, your emotional intelligence will rise, and most importantly, you will learn to communicate and lead in a way that really works!  As a result, you will be more confident, intentional and authentic!

I am passionate about teaching personality types and I love watching how this new awareness truly changes women’s perspectives and transforms their lives!

There are many ways learning about personality types has made me and others happier, better and more fulfilled.  Here are the top 4:

1)   You will know that you are in fact “normal” !

Understanding your personality type helps you embracing your vulnerability a lot more, and it also means you view yourself as a full person as you are, with your flaws and imperfections, who doesn’t need to be disguised.  It will be so clear for you how we all have our strengths as well as our vulnerabilities.

I was never good at networking.  I dislike going to events where I need to network with strangers.  I feel extremely awkward starting a conversation with someone I do not know.  I freeze when put on the spot to speak up, and addressing a crowd completely drains my energy.  On the other side, I love people.  I have a passion for people development, and I love inspiring positive change!  In fact, that is my life purpose.

For the longest time, I was sure there was something wrong with me!  This combination just did not make sense to me until I finally understood that it is so typical of my personality type !

2)   You will easily differentiate between “wrong” and “different”

For a long time, I thought that my son listening to his music at full volume while revising with his test was “wrong”, my daughter having brilliant ideas but not being able to explain herself in logical sequential steps was “wrong”, and my husband only thinking about the materialistic implications of any decision was “wrong”.

When you understand personality types, you know what is not wrong but just a different personality type from you.  You also learn how better to lead and communicate effectively with types that are the same, as well as different from you, to get things done.

3)     It will significantly improve your relationships

People are different; you probably know that from an early age.  But understanding how and why people are different, and how to work with those differences rather than against them, can be eye-opening and crucial for your relationships and leadership.

People have different motivations and desires in life.  Not everyone deals with challenges the same way. Even the way people like to work around a deadline is varied and different.

Understanding all of this will also make you much less judgemental, and much more compassionate and accepting.  From that place of compassion, you will then lead wholeheartedly !

4)    You will know what type of career path you will naturally excel in !

Will you naturally excel at strategy development or do you need to learn the steps of strategic thinking?  Are you a natural at public speaking, or will this type of work constantly push you outside your comfort zone?  Will a project manager position suit you or not?  Will you do well at a job that requires attention to details or not?

Instead of learning through trial and error, knowing and understanding your natural preference will help you uncover what will always come naturally to you, and what you will always need to work hard at, and so making career and life decisions will become one step easier.

In the Play BIG!  leadership program for women, we gain insights into our unique MBTI personality type and what that means for us in terms of how we best communicate and lead our family at home and our team at work !

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