Chances are you are stretched right, left and center trying to be it all!!  From my own experience, and from sharing with a lot of other women leaders and entrepreneurs, I have identified these top (5) challenges we all seem to share that keep us stressed & restless:

  1. Striving for a perfect balance. Constantly feeling like you need to be superwoman : the perfect mother, the perfect wife, the ideal woman, the perfect daughter, the available sister, the best cook, the smartest executive and the top-performing leader all at the same time! 
  1. Trying to prove you are a man. Always on a quest to prove you are up to the responsibility, just as powerful and capable to handle the job as a man.  Preparing twice as hard for every meeting and presentation, hiding your vulnerability and emotions, acting ruthlessly and even dressing like a man just to be up there and prove your resilience! 
  1. Saying YES to everything, to things you find on your plate that you don’t really want or have the time, but feel obliged, to do. By saying YES and being committed to those things, you find yourself saying NO to the tasks you are passionate about doing that allows you to share your unique gifts as a human, woman and leader ! 
  1. Constantly apologizing . Apologizing for the times you need to leave early or come in late to attend school events and meetings, and feeling like you are losing negotiation power and ground because of it.  Preferring to maintain the peace, rather than rock the boat, and resenting the fact that you feel you have been cheated or judged incorrectly a lot of the time…. 
  1. Always feeling guilty for not doing enough, for not balancing between work and home enough, for not giving enough time to work, for not spending enough quality time to your children, for the lack of intimacy with your husbands, for the food that is not home-cooked, for not asking enough about their families, for not exercising enough, for not eating healthy enough, for not looking perfect around the clock……….

Did you catch yourself nodding your head and sighing?  How many of these challenges resonate with you?

Wouldn’t it be super if you could get unstuck and be unstoppable !

Program top band 5


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