Essential Leadership Lessons Inspired By The Life Of Eagles !

Eagles are my favorite birds ! To me, they are graceful, proud, wise, powerful and focused. I put them on my vision board for 3 years to inspire me to be the same 🙂

Here are (7) facts about eagles that lead to 7 leadership principles we should learn from them…….

Dare yourself today !

We all want and expect change. We want to grow and be bigger and better. Yet we are all afraid to make a move in case it is not the perfect move, or in case we end up failing or making a fool of yourself.

Have the courage to dare yourself today to …………

4 ways to get out of the overthinking spiral !

Are you anxious about a challenge and overthinking it? Here are 4 ways to work with your brain to stop the spiral of anxiety from taking over as suggested by 4 gurus in self-development

Tips to live a life of abundance !

In our quest to find what is bigger, better, stronger, and more perfect than what we have, we ultimately lose what we do have in our hands and our life literally falls apart

This applies to so many situations in life such as :

Don’t complain! Ask this question instead

As a leadership and executive coach, I have found that this one powerful question almost always helps to get me and my clients on the first step to getting unstuck in the most common challenges of everyday life !

Learn a new and powerful way of leading a room.  Master the art of public speaking Speak to any audience with confidence and authority, leaving an impression on them long after you’ve left !

Pause – reflect – LET GO – move forward !

Change is never easy.  One of the hardest lessons in life is letting go.  We fight to hold on and we fight to let go. What is most difficult for you to let go of? What would it take for you to let go and move forward?  Challenge yourself and start taking steps to do it now !

Rania Abu Rabia

Rania Abu Rabia is a storyteller and an action-oriented coach, facilitator and trainer, specialized in a diverse range of topics related to leadership development.  She is also a speaker on topics related to conscious leadership, self-confidence, resilience, happiness, fulfillment, women development, and finding your calling in life

قصة مثابرة ونجاح وبسمة أمل

مهما كان سِنِك، لابد من تعلم أشياء جديدة كل يوم، و الأجمل عندما تكونى أداة لتعليم من حولك من الناس أشياء جديدة و مفيدة، لكى تتركى إرثاً طيباً لك على هذه الأرض

قصة مهندسة ناجحة غيرت مسار حياتها تماماً لتتبع شغفها

كتير كنت مضايقة أني محققتش نجاح في شغلي زي زملائي اللي كانوا من سني وتقدموا عني و كنت متضايقة اني لسه مكونتش أسرة وقت ما كل أصحابي كانوا أولادهم بيكبروا أمامهم. بس عرفت ان ربنا كان عايزني أبني وأطور نفسي صح عشان أكون جاهزة لكل ده في وقته