CPPC (Certificate in Positive Psychology Coaching) is a unique program that combines the art of coaching with the science of well-being and flourishing. Built on an exclusive mix of top notch material, in-class learning, more than 60 tools for direct application, pre-readings, a retreat outside Cairo & gaming elements, you are guaranteed an exceptional and rich learning experience.

Enhance your positive presence in all areas of your life, and master the practice of coaching so you embody it as a way of life, gaining a full grasp of the beliefs, ethics, principles and competencies required to profoundly impact potential clients.

Get equipped with trusted, effective and diverse tools and lean into the content fully so that you yourself go through a full transformation journey and not simply change your perspective on life. The main difference being that change is temporary and easily reversible while transformation is far deeper and more stable over time.

By the end of the program, you will be able to engage with your environment and clients in deep, meaningful and courageous conversations that help them live the life they feel is worth living.


Real learning and development requires the right combination of theory, discussions, reflections and application. The CPPC program is 7 modules long combined with (4) fully dedicated supervised coaching days where you get the chance to practice coaching under the observation of a professional coach and get dedicated feedback to help you develop and grow.

The program is carried out through discussions, reflective exercises, live demos, gamified learning, activities, observational practice and take-home assignments.

Module One: Building Blocks Of The Journey

This module sets the foundation for our learning journey. We get introduced to both the history and background of positive psychology and coaching, we learn fundamental human awareness concepts, we look at neuroscience, neuroplasticity and how the brain is wired, and we review the core coaching beliefs, principles and competencies.

Module Two: Coaching for Positivity

Being able to focus on positive emotions is not just about smiling or being happy. It is the ability to be optimistic and view life from a positive perspective in the light of adversities faced. This is what inspires people to be more creative and take more chances in every aspect of life. This module provides coaches with tools and interventions to help clients explore, savour and integrate all their emotions, explore their mindsets, understand how the brain perceives reality, process deep emotions, identify thinking traps and develop self-worth

Module Three: Coaching for Engagement

Engagement in activities is important to learn, grow & nurture a sense of fulfilment and well-being. An engaged life is one in which a person is living in a way that cultivates a state of ‘flow’ with the capacity to get completely absorbed in what he is doing to the point of getting ‘in the zone’. This module provides coaches with tools and interventions to allow clients to identify and caplitalize on their character strengths, skills & abilities to be engaged more in their life, achieve a higher sense of presence, mindfulness, flow & savouring and become more conscious at decision making

Module Four: Coaching for Relationships

Relationships refer to the interactions clients have with others: partners, friends, family, colleagues, children, society and elements (trust, money, health). People are inherently social creatures & positive relationships have a major impact on their success, productivity, sense of serenity, inner peace & well-being. This module provides coaches with tools and interventions to help clients explore, savour & integrate all elements of flourishing relationships including love, connection, belonging, trust, forgiveness, communication and meaningful encounters

Module Five: Coaching for Meaning (Retreat)

People have a sense of meaning when they feel that what they do is valuable & worthwhile. This involves serving something that they believe is greater than themselves. The search for meaning is an intrinsic human need. Research shows this not only increases happiness, it also increases spirituality and worthiness. This module provides coaches with tools and interventions to help clients explore what is meaning for them, how to live into their values, how to live a more purposeful existence in every aspect of their lives and how to identify with the best version of themselves.

Module Six: Coaching for Achievement & Vitality

Having explicit goals in life, even small ones, are essential to well-being and happiness. Achievement builds self-esteem and provides a sense of accomplishment.  It also strengthens self-belief. Physical wellbeing is also an important component of overall wellbeing. Things like your habits and routine, the quality of your sleep and how you enrich your physical being is an important component of overall quality of life ! This module provides coaches with tools and interventions to help clients gain learnt hope, optimism and resilience, as well as craft their life & careers. Also provides tools and interventions to help clients improve their health and vitality & improve their relationships with their health, bodies, and things

Module Seven: Keys To Your Gateway To Success

A review of learnings, as well as designing the next gateway and presenting how you will put what you learnt into practice. Looking at your best version as a coach, and at overcoming any obstacles that might get in the way of what is to come !


This program is run by a faculty of ICF ACC, PCC and MCC accredited coaches, all of whom have extensive coaching and facilitation experience. Our faculty consists of :

Rania Abu RabiaMCCDirector of Education, Instructor, PE Reviewer
Dena SafwatPCCInstructor, Observer, Mentor, PE Reviewer
Marwa YoussryPCCObserver, Mentor, PE Reviewer
Abdel Rahman Abdel KaderACCObserver
Hend EissaPCCObserver, Mentor, PE Reviewer
Bassant BahaaPCCInstructor, Observer, Mentor

The upcoming run of the program will be led by Rania Abu Rabia, MCC

Who is the CPPC for ?

  1. Coaches who want to integrate positive psychology tools and interventions into their coaching practice
  2. Positive psychology practitioners who want to become ICF coaches
  3. Progressive individuals with a passion to support others and want to do so through positive psychology coaching

Requirements to join the CPPC

We take pride in the quality and integrity of our graduates. We all have a clear intention to serve and add value to our clients, and want to provide the best possible service we can. If you are a person for whom integrity, service and leadership are top values, then we would love to explore with you further whether this journey is for you.

If you are interested, call us at 0100 885 8593 or send an email to

Selection is based on a 3-step process. Once you successfully complete one step, we will give you the details for the next :

  1. An individual 30-minute interview
  2. Sending us your resume, biography and social media links
  3. Filling out the CPPC candidate application form

Module Timings (Cairo)

9:30 am to 6:00 pm


Material is in English. Discussions will be in Arabic & English


Please fill out the following form and we will share with you within a week of receiving the form the following :

  • Program flyer including upcoming dates and program investment
  • Attendance policy
  • EDI policy
  • Cancellation and refund policy
  • Grievance and complaint policy

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