Agile leadership : 4 essential points of awareness !

Agile leadership is a hot topic for leaders today and it is an essential skills for leading through and beyond crisis !

The emerging criteria for success is evolving from the concept of external exertion to one of internal mastery. Survival of the most aware and most adaptable is becoming the true underlying foundation of lasting effectiveness in a world that is becoming more and more uncertain every day.

It all boils down to accessing the agility within us. Imagine how bold and powerful our leadership would be if we fully leaned into our purpose and values, and our vision and resilience were so strong that being bent left, right and center would not have a lasting hold over us. And now, imagine if we found the sweet spot where we aligned that with the organisation’s compass and direction. A perfect recipe for success !

As you work on becoming a more agile leader, here are 4 essential points of awareness to pay attention to :

  1. Be open to all the learning. In fact, being open to unlearn all we believe to be true is sometimes our biggest learning of all
  2. Practice present-moment awareness. Be biased to action, basing your actions and decisions on the very best you know and have now. And be fully open to letting go of all that and changing the state of your heart and mind and your actions when you know and have better.
  3. Practice immediate focus and broad awareness. Highly effective people have learnt to integrate a localised tunnel-vision focus coupled with comprehensive awareness. They move constantly between being deeply focused on being in the dance in the present moment and what is in their control there and between being in the balcony having a broader sense and view of their vision and purpose.
  4. Re-frame your mindset and adjust your focus positively :
    • From problem to opportunity
    • From circumstance to purpose
    • From control to trust and flow
    • From self to service
    • From expert to explorer
    • From resistance to embracing and allowing

Working on your awareness and development in these 4 simple yet deeply effective areas will make you a more agile, resilient and powerful leader prepared to deal with all the ambiguity and uncertainty that crisis brings !

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