Video Series pg 1: Pathways to a life worth living !

Based on the science of positive psychology and the art of coaching, this video series is intended to provide various pathways to a flourishing, more aligned, more peaceful & more meaningful life !

Receiving is a huge part of giving AND it saves you from your ego…..find out how in this video

Do you know the difference between when you are sorry for what you did and when you are thankful to someone for putting up with what you did ? And do you know it’s effect on your well being and sense of self-worth? Find out in this video

Using the findings of Carol Dweck and capitalizing on the power of “NOT YET”, you can create hope, creativity and pathways to achieving what you want….watch the video to find out more

What you recall of your encounters and the memories you create depends on the number and quality of your high quality connection moments (HQCMs) ….watch the video to find out more !

To exchange one habit you currently have for another takes patience, perseverance and a whole lot more ! Learn the essential tips that form habits for life in this video……

Fears, self-limiting beliefs and doubts are all part of the process of moving from your comfort zone to a learning and growth zone ……. everyone has fears, but not everyone deals with their fears the same way ! Find out more in this video……

How you speak to yourself about yourself will make a load of difference in your self-esteem, self-love and self-image ! After all, we spend more time in our own company than with anyone else on earth ! Be impeccable with your word, especially with yourself……talk to yourself as you would talk to someone you truly cherish and care about

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