Dare yourself today !

We all want and expect change. We want to grow and be bigger and better. Yet we are all afraid to make a move in case it is not the perfect move, or in case we end up failing or making a fool of yourself.

Have the courage to dare yourself today to …………

4 ways to get out of the overthinking spiral !

Are you anxious about a challenge and overthinking it? Here are 4 ways to work with your brain to stop the spiral of anxiety from taking over as suggested by 4 gurus in self-development

Tips to live a life of abundance !

In our quest to find what is bigger, better, stronger, and more perfect than what we have, we ultimately lose what we do have in our hands and our life literally falls apart

This applies to so many situations in life such as :

Don’t complain! Ask this question instead

As a leadership and executive coach, I have found that this one powerful question almost always helps to get me and my clients on the first step to getting unstuck in the most common challenges of everyday life !

قصة قائده شابة جعلت من المثابرة والاجتهاد اسلوب حياة

إتربيت في اسرة متحضرة جدا من صغري وعمري ما حسيت إن في فرق بيني وبين أخواتي الولاد. أنا عندي أخين، واحد أكبر وواحد أصغر. وكنا بنتعامل كلنا زي بعض في كل حاجة، في الدراسة في أي حاجة عايزة أجربها جديدة، في أي نوع رياضة أنا عايزة العبه، وفي إني أسافر. ده علمني اني من سن صغير اني اكون مسئولة ومعتمدة على نفسي

Learn a new and powerful way of leading a room.  Master the art of public speaking Speak to any audience with confidence and authority, leaving an impression on them long after you’ve left !

Be the author of your life!  Learn the 9 habits that are the key to a life worth living.  Follow a practical step-by-step guide to integrate these habits slowly and artfully into all aspects of your life and daily routine

The HAPPINESS advantage !

It is increasingly the very smallest of changes that you make in your day-to-day routine that lead to the biggest differences in the overall quality of your life.  Happiness is no different! It is an attitude towards life.   A decision about how you want to approach the things you face in life……and if you keep working at it, you will master the art of happiness and will truly live a life worth living!

Pause – reflect – LET GO – move forward !

Change is never easy.  One of the hardest lessons in life is letting go.  We fight to hold on and we fight to let go. What is most difficult for you to let go of? What would it take for you to let go and move forward?  Challenge yourself and start taking steps to do it now !

قصة شابة رؤيتها واضحة وارادتها قوية تتحدى مفاهيم راسخة في مجتمعها

كونك بنت كثير بيتأخد عنك انطباع من المجتمع والناس انك هتزهقي بسرعة ومش هتكملي. دي كانت اكتر حاجة بتقابلني خاصة لإني بحاول اقدم حاجة مختلفة مش مألوفه. دائما بقول ان ده مش بيفرقلي – بس لو اتكلمنا بمنتهى الصراحه فطبعا كنت بيأثر عليه ولو قليل وبحتاج أشتغل على نفسي علشان مأحبطش. كان كثير نفسي ألاقي دعم وتشجيع وتفهم. بس أنا اكتشفت ان من أسرار نجاحي ان أد ما الكلام كان بيكون محبط أد ما كان بيكون دافع ليه علشان اكسر التابوه ده …

The story of a leader who believes that the key to happiness and success lies in gratitude

I think one of the important life lessons that I would like to pass on to my daughter and to any career oriented young woman is to carefully choose her life partner. You need a man who would support your career and would be happy to see you grow and succeed and that’s key in selecting your life partner. If not for my husband and his willingness to support me and his acceptance of my career as part of Who I am, I’m sure I wouldn’t have been able to make it and I wouldn’t be the person I am now. 

قصة قائدة شعارها في الحياة ان الرضا والامتنان مفتاح السعادة والنجاح

من أهم الدروس المستفادة في الحياة اللي أحب أوصلها لبنتي ولأي شابة بتدور عن مستقبل ناجح في شغلها، هيه أنك تختاري شريك حياتك بعناية شديدة. إنتي محتاجة لراجل يدعم شغلك ويفرح لما يشوفك بتكبري وبتنجحي فيه. لو ماكنش جوزي معايا بيدعمني وبيتقبل شغلي كجزء من شخصيتي، فأنا متأكدة إني ماكنتش قدرت أكمل المشوار ولا كنت حكون في مكاني دلوقتي