Essential Leadership Lessons Inspired By The Life Of Eagles !

Graceful eagle

Eagles are my favorite birds ! To me, they are graceful, proud, wise, powerful and focused. I put them on my vision board for 3 years to inspire me to be the same 🙂
Below are (7) facts about eagles that lead to 7 leadership principles we should learn from them :


Fact # 1 – Eagles fly alone and at high altitude. They flock together with other eagles and do not bother too much with small birds or sparrows !


  1. As you work on achieving your dreams, you have to do it by yourself and you cannot do it alone.  Find your champions and stick with them !
  2. Believe in your dream, set a high standard for yourself and choose your company very wisely. You are the average of the 5 people you spend most of your time with
  3. Rise above the small stuff.  Focus on what is truly important
  4. Know your rank and privilege. Be humble, but not naive !
  5. People see you as you see yourself so see yourself big

Fact # 2 – Eagles never eat dead things.  They always seek fresh prey !


  1. Don’t rely on past achievements and get lazy !  Celebrate and keep moving forward
  2. See your achievements as a motivation not comfort zone
  3. Keep seeking new ways to grow, learn, develop and be in service to others


Fact # 3 – Eagles are the only birds who eagerly await the storm and do not go into hiding when it comes !    


  1. Embrace change as if it was you who asked for it.  It is coming anyway so you may as well enjoy it !
  2. Confront your challenges.  Do not hide from them
  3. Every storm you face in your life carries opportunity to grow and stretch yourself.  Instead of waiting for the storm to pass, learn to dance in the rain 🙂

Fact # 4 – Female eagles test for full commitment of males before trusting them !


  1. Trust holistically in the goodness of people in general and yet be careful of those you will go into a close relationship with
  2. If you will go into a partnership with someone, test their commitment first
  3. Do not go into a relationship with someone before you know they will love you at your worst !
  4. What you allow is what will continue.  Educate people in your life how to treat you and what your limits are.  Keep educating them till they get it.  Do not give in to their pressure

Fact # 5 – Eagles have a very accurate vision !  No matter what the obstacle, eagles do not lose sight of their prey until they catch it


  1. Focus on the task at hand.  Do not get distracted or stretch yourself too thin that you have no energy left for what truly makes you flourish
  2. Visualize your dream and build your dream before someone else hires you to build theirs
  3. Learn to say NO to the good and advantageous to say YES to the best for you !

Fact # 6 – Eagles prepare for training.  They teach their young ones to fly by throwing them out of the nest time and again, and make it impossible for them to come back to the nest, until the young eagles finally figure they can use their wings and fly ! 


  1. If you want to grow, you need to take risks and leave your comfort zone !
  2. Every single time you leave a comfort zone, you will be afraid and you will doubt yourself and you will even panic. Accept that as a fact. Do not resist it or wait for it to go away. It won’t !
  3. Beyond the comfort zone and panic zone lies all your growth and learning…….Challenge yourself to move there. It will not come to you !
  4. To be courageous, acknowledge the presence of your fear and take it along with you on your journey !

Fact # 7 – When eagles get old, they hurt themselves intentionally to grow new feathers !


  1. Shed off hold habits that no longer serve you
  2. Just because something has become a habit does not mean you need to continue it
  3. Let go of things that burden you and do not really add to you personally
  4. Focus on doing the things that require 20% effort and product 80% return as much as you can.  Let go of perfectionism and focus on excellence.  Be productive and effective !

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