Video Series pg 1: A pathway to a flourishing life !

How you speak to yourself about yourself will make a load of difference in your self-esteem, self-love and self-image ! After all, we spend more time in our own company than with anyone else on earth ! Be impeccable with your word, especially with yourself……talk to yourself as you would talk to someone you truly…

Executive & Leadership Coaching

To book a coaching session for yourself or an executive in your organization, email ( or call (+20 100 885 8593) In today’s fast paced and competitive environment, leaders struggle to fulfill the responsibilities of their positions and are often too busy & stressed to reflect and come up with creative solutions to fulfill their…

Essential Leadership Lessons Inspired By The Life Of Eagles !

Eagles are my favorite birds ! To me, they are graceful, proud, wise, powerful and focused. I put them on my vision board for 3 years to inspire me to be the same 🙂

Here are (7) facts about eagles that lead to 7 leadership principles we should learn from them…….

Dare yourself today !

We all want and expect change. We want to grow and be bigger and better. Yet we are all afraid to make a move in case it is not the perfect move, or in case we end up failing or making a fool of yourself.

Have the courage to dare yourself today to …………

4 ways to get out of the overthinking spiral !

Are you anxious about a challenge and overthinking it? Here are 4 ways to work with your brain to stop the spiral of anxiety from taking over as suggested by 4 gurus in self-development