Dare yourself today !

We all want and expect change. We want to grow and be bigger and better. Yet we are all afraid to make a move in case it is not the perfect move, or in case we end up failing or making a fool of yourself.

Have the courage to dare yourself today to …………

4 ways to get out of the overthinking spiral !

Are you anxious about a challenge and overthinking it? Here are 4 ways to work with your brain to stop the spiral of anxiety from taking over as suggested by 4 gurus in self-development

Tips to live a life of abundance !

In our quest to find what is bigger, better, stronger, and more perfect than what we have, we ultimately lose what we do have in our hands and our life literally falls apart

This applies to so many situations in life such as :

Don’t complain! Ask this question instead

As a leadership and executive coach, I have found that this one powerful question almost always helps to get me and my clients on the first step to getting unstuck in the most common challenges of everyday life !

قصة قائده شابة جعلت من المثابرة والاجتهاد اسلوب حياة

إتربيت في اسرة متحضرة جدا من صغري وعمري ما حسيت إن في فرق بيني وبين أخواتي الولاد. أنا عندي أخين، واحد أكبر وواحد أصغر. وكنا بنتعامل كلنا زي بعض في كل حاجة، في الدراسة في أي حاجة عايزة أجربها جديدة، في أي نوع رياضة أنا عايزة العبه، وفي إني أسافر. ده علمني اني من سن صغير اني اكون مسئولة ومعتمدة على نفسي